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See What Our Patients are Saying about Dr. Bengtson and Implant and General Dentistry of Idaho!

"Thanks so much to all of you for your loving and expert care and encouragement and support! I have had no pain or discomfort at all! I feel very blessed to be in your care. You are a wonderful group of people and my life has been enhanced by each of you. Thanks again for everything."

- DD

"Thank you for my smile. You will never know how good it feels to smile! Hope the cookies make you all smile too!"

- LV

"Thank you for making my trip to the dentist painless."

- BF

"Thank you for your patience and caring as we went through the long months of my dental procedures. I really appreciated your follow-up calls after each surgery, Dr. Bengtson!"

- GE

"I just wanted to take a moment while it is on my mind and let you all know that the permanent crowns that I received yesterday are great. All the pain I have been fighting for the last three weeks is completely gone. What relief! They really look and feel wonderful.

Now looking back at the whole process, I just wanted to extend my thanks to all of you. Upon arrival and departure of your office I am at my worse behavior. I am either sedated, numb or just dreading the final moments before I hit the "chair". At times like this my manners and politeness tend to go out the window and for that I am sorry.

Thanks for all the help with setting up the credit line and billing arrangements. It helps a lot. Thanks also to the assistant for tall the encouragement throughout the procedures that I find quite terrifying at times and for the cleaning me up so I can to on my way when it is all over.

You may think you have a thankless job but hearing you say "it's O.K." or "We're almost done: really helps me through it. Thanks. And also to the good Dr. Bengtson , thanks for sedation or happy pills. Wonderful Stuff! It helps a lot. I have never been disappointed with the quality of your work. It is excellent! I am sure you hear that all the time during the initial visit to discuss treatment plans, etc. I still don't like or enjoy the procedures, themselves, but I really admire the results. You seem to enjoy your profession and it shows.

Thank you for your kindles in dealing with cowards like me. I am due back in a few weeks for more work. Hopefully, I won't remember much of it. Have a great day!"

- LB

"I wanted to say "Thank You". Your knowledge, professionalism, calm and personal demeanor, as well as your staff and wonderful surroundings surpassed my expectations. I appreciate your care I look forward to bring your patient in the future."

- MS
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